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Gear Up Cycleryis located in the newly renovated historic Plainfield Town Center. We serve cyclists of every kind – from casual, recreational cyclists to road racers and mountain bikers. Come in, browse our selection of Specialized and Electra bikes and accessories and see what we have to offer.


Gear Up Cyclery Weekly Bike Rides Begin for 2018

Dennis Gibbs

Weekly Gear Up Ride with GPS Rides will start on Wednesday, April 25th. An all-new format, Ride with GPS (RWGPS), will be used.  Marked routes with Dan Henry’s will no longer be necessary. Maps may also be downloaded to your mobile phone device or Garmin GPS units. Gear Up Ride with GPS weekly route maps will have audible and visual turn-by-turn directions that can be stored on your phone, and thereby be available "offline" in areas with no cell service, or you may print cue sheets in PDF format.

A pre ride meeting is schedule for Monday, April 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at Gear Up to discuss the Ride with GPS app and answer any questions you may have. If you have questions and would like to familiarize yourself with the use of RWGPS on your own, log into the RWGPS website and visit the “Help” tab. You will find a host of step-by-step instructions as well as You Tube instructions on a variety of features.

The first three rides for 2018 will begin from our back parking lot in order to ensure our new format gets off to a good start. All rides will leave promptly at 6:15 p.m. (unless otherwise noted.)

Rider Classification: Riders should be able to ride at a pace for one of the following groups. Moderate Group: 12 – 18 mph at a distance of 20 to 30 miles or Advanced Group: 18 -20+ at a distance of 25 to 40 miles.

Important Rules for Gear Up RWGPS Rides:

  • Helmet required.
  • No earphones allowed.
  • All participants must have a signed release waiver on file. Parent must sign for minors. Persons for which Gear Up does not have a signed Consent and Liability Release are not considered part of the group ride.
  • Follow Indiana Vehicular Law - a bike is a vehicle.
  • Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns.
  • Always ride on the right no more than two abreast.
  • Lights (suggested)
  • Arrive ten to 15 minutes early and Be Prepared To Leave On Time! The starting times are actual departure times.
  • Each rider assumes responsibility for their own navigation, on-road issues, mechanical readiness of their bike and risk on all rides.
  • Always notify the ride leader when leaving the group.
  • These rides are not necessarily “no-drop” rides and they do tend to get strung out. We will try to help you if we know you are having an issue, but you should be prepared to be by yourself.
  • Ride safely.

Remember this new RWGPS format will allow us to build in more routes with a variety of starting points on any given weekly ride, allowing the ride group to have a different meeting point, other than our back parking lot. Second, it will allow us to more effectively communicate route changes; road conditions, cancellations due to weather, etc. so remember to check for messages in your RWGPS folder on a regular basis. Your independent message folder can be found once you login into your RWGPS web page. In the upper right hand corner of that page you will see a RWGPS logo and a dropdown ^, in that drop down you will find your message folder. Rides and special events will be posted there for you.

Gear Up will post “Routes and Ride” locations 3 weeks in advance so that you will know which map to download to your GPS device prior to the ride.

Moderate Group

April 25th, Wednesday  - Ride #100 Plainfield – Joppa – Plainfield

May 2nd, Wednesday - Ride #100 Plainfield – Joppa - Plainfield

May 9th, Wednesday – Ride #100 Plainfield – Joppa – Plainfield

May 16th, Wednesday - Ride #104 Danville Middle School – McCloud Park

May 23rd, Wednesday – Ride #105 Southeast Hendricks Co. and Morgan Co.

Advanced Group

April 25th, Wednesday – Ride #201 Plainfield – Coatsville - Plainfield

May 2nd, Wednesday – Ride #201 Plainfield – Coatsville - Plainfield

May 9th, Wednesday – Ride #201 Plainfield – Coatsville - Plainfield

We encourage riders in the Advanced group to let us know if you would like other routes added.

We will also keep the ride calendar posted on our website under the Blog tab, and the weekly ride posted on our Facebook page.  For those that don’t have access to their GPS device or forget it, paper maps and route turn-by-turns can be printed out prior to the ride. The ride leader will try to have a few copies available.

If you have not yet requested access to the Gear Up RWGPS Club Account you may do so by following the link below.

Click on the orange icon “Apply to join”, just under the image of cyclists on the right side of the screen. You will be asked to create a new RWGPS account through Gear Up at no cost. If you already have an account simply apply using your existing RWGPS login name and password. Upon receiving your application for approval, we will email you a Consent and Liability Release to be signed and returned. Once we receive the signed Release document, you will receive e-mail confirmation and will then be able to access the Gear Up RWGPS Club account features.

Thank you for riding with Gear Up.


An All New Format for 2018 Weekly Bike Rides

Dennis Gibbs

Exciting News - Gear Up has purchased a Club account access on Ride With GPS (RWGPS), the website provides bike route mapping and cue sheets for Gear Up rides. The Gear Up club account also provides several premium features, normally requiring you to purchase a paid membership, but now available FREE to all Gear Up members in good standing. Most importantly, Gear Up members may download a free APP to access route maps (with audio and visual turn-by-turn directions on both Apple and Android Smartphones) that have been loaded into Gear Up’s Club account Route Library. All routes used previously on our regular weekly rides and numerous others will or shortly will be loaded into Gear Up’s Route Library. Over time, the Route Library will expand as ride and tour leaders add new routes to the library.

Starting in 2018 - ALL Gear Up’s weekly rides will be routed using Ride With GPS. First, this will allow us to build in more routes with a variety of starting points on any given weekly ride, allowing the ride group to have a different meeting point, other than our back parking lot. This will provide a welcome change to riding the same route each week. Second, it will allow us to more effectively communicate route changes, road conditions, cancellations due to weather, etc. Especially useful is that these maps will have audible and visual turn-by-turn directions that can be stored on your phone, and thereby be available "offline" in areas with no cell service. The need to mark routes with Dan Henry’s will no longer be necessary. Maps may also be downloaded to Garmin GPS units, or you may print out maps and cue sheets in PDF format.

The following are among the features now available to those who are interested in taking advantage of this newmember benefits:

Ability to print out route maps as well as cue sheets

Ability to download routes to a Garmin GPS unit

Ability to use a free Ride With GPS App to download maps and cue sheets to your smart phone

Ability through the App to get audible and visual turn by turn directions on your smart phone

Ability through the App to track your ride and many useful parameters such as speed, average speed, elevation gain, and ride duration.

If you are interested, follow the link below to request access to the Gear Up RWGPS Club Account.

Click on “Apply to join”, just under the image of cyclists on the right side of screen. You will be asked to create a new RWGPS account through Gear Up at no cost. If you already have an account simply apply using your existing RWGPS login name and password. Upon receiving your application for approval, we will email you a Consent and Liability Release to be signed and returned. Once we receive the signed Release document, you will receive e-mail confirmation and will then be able to access the Gear Up RWGPS Club account features.

If you wish we can send you an invite by simply providing us your name and email address by email or stopping in the store.

Dennis Gibbs, Gear Up Cyclery // Adventure


Join Us As We Host Those That Took the Journey

Dennis Gibbs

Are you itching to experience a self-contained adventure, inn to inn or share an active full-supported group with friends? Do you like the idea of carrying your own gear, or prefer the help of a tour guide. Camping, or prefer to stay indoors? Back by popular request is our fall and winter presentations recapping the preparation and experiences of those that chose to take the journey. If you have ever thought about doing a cycling adventure, no matter what you skill, we would encourage you to attend these upcoming presentations.


Journey Starts Now.png

May is Bike Month

Dennis Gibbs


May is bike month. I have set a few goals for myself this riding season and year. The first is to ride 5000 miles this year. It’s been more than a few years since I have accomplished this, but I feel that this is the year to turn that around. Recently, I calculated that I would have to ride 130 miles a week for the rest of the year to hit my goal. Knowing that I might not ride much in late November and December increases that weekly total. That seems a bit daunting while I am getting my legs (and butt!) used to longer mileage rides. However, I love a challenge. Depending on how my May and June rides go, I might try to tackle the RAIN ride in July one more time.

Whether you have been riding already this year or have been waiting for the start of the season, May is the time to get on your bike. The air is pungent with lilacs and honeysuckle and freshly turned dirt in the fields ready for planting. Drag that bike down from where it’s hanging, give it a quick check (air in the tires, brakes in working order, chain and other components functioning properly), and go for a ride. If your bike isn’t ready to ride, you know the guys at Gear Up can get you back on the road.

I am just finishing riding every day in April (30 Days of Biking) for the fourth year in a row and am planning to ride every day in May for the National Bike Challenge. You don’t have to ride a lot of miles to be eligible from May through September to win prizes. A few of the places you will find me riding in the next month will be on the Monon to Bicycle Indiana’s Annual meeting at Bent Rail Brewery on May 1, on the Katy Trail in Missouri, to work on Bike to Work Day May 19. A four-part Women’s Ride Series will start on May 20 at 9 AM at Gear Up with a 25 mile road ride and a discussion of basic bike care. (Additional dates in the series are June 15, July 20, and August 13, each with a different topic and a 25 mile ride. Mark your calendars, ladies!) And I will occasionally be joining the B group (recreational pace) on Wednesday evenings from Gear Up.

Whether you have a goal for riding lots of miles, getting out one or two days a week, or just having more fun on your bike, get out and ride! You’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy your ride!

Carole Terry, Gear Up Ambassador

2017 Weekly Bike Rides

Dennis Gibbs

Gear Up's weekly repeating rides for 2017 start Wed. April 19th at 6:15 p.m. Riders should meet in the back parking lot accessed from Center Street.

Riding Group Description:

*Recreational or Touring Pace - Average Speed 13 - 17 mph Ride Length 25 miles

*Athletic or Faster Pace - Average Speeds 18+ mph, ride length 25 -37 miles

 (For everyone’s safety there will be a staggered start.)

All riders should come prepared with appropriate hydration, nutrition, riding tools, and equipment. The ride will not be held if it's raining, lightning, snowing, or the temperature is below 38 degrees. Riders should check Gear Up’s Facebook page, if riding conditions are in question. 

Questions: Call Gear Up at (317) 203-5045




Nothing Beats The Feeling Of Taking Your Shiny New Bike Out For Its First Ride

Dennis Gibbs

Spring has sprung and it’s time to ride bikes! I have been on some short rides and yearning to ride more than 20 miles. I have a new Specialized Diverge (thanks to Gear Up!), which I am hoping to break in on some long rides over the next couple of weekends. For some reason, spring weather, shorts and short sleeves, and a new bike make me think I am fast! And I haven’t installed a computer, yet, so for the short term I can entertain this fantasy. I will be writing a review of the Diverge later, after we have spent some more miles together, but my initial thoughts are all positive.

A new bike can be a big step. However, if you’ve changed the way you ride or find your bike lacking in the expectations you have for an exceptional ride, it’s probably time to think about purchasing a new bike. Nothing makes riding more exciting than a new bike. I have had more than my fair share of new bikes in my life and nothing beats the feeling of taking your shiny new bike out for its first ride. I love standing up on the pedals and going as fast as I can with the wind in my face and the sun on my back. Suddenly, I am a kid on my first bike, discovering freedom for the first time. But that excitement won’t last unless you have the right bike. How do you know you are getting the right bike? How do you know where to start?

Here are some things that I considered when deciding on my new bike.

1.     Decide on what type of riding you intend to do on your bike. There are lots of bike styles to choose from depending on where you plan to ride and the type of riding you are expecting to do. There are bikes for racing, road riding, commuting, paved trails, mountain biking. And there are several models for each of those types of bikes. If you need help deciding which bike will best suit the type of riding you think you will be doing, plan a trip to Gear Up and talk to the knowledgeable people there. They will be able to help you decide where to start your search for the perfect bike. Most of my rides are on roads, so a road bike was the obvious choice. But sometimes I like to take an off-road shortcut and wider tires are a great option for that.

2.     Once you’ve decided on the style of bike, you will need to select the specific model. Again, this is where the staff at Gear Up can help. Share your budget, so the staff can direct you to the models that are within your financial reach. They can explain the different components and features of specific models and help you find the right bike for your budget. Road bikes can have thin or wider tires. Mountain bikes can have varying degrees of control for suspension. Frames are available in steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. I ride a small frame and find that small frames can sometimes be stiff and harsh to ride for long distances. I love the feel of carbon fiber and find that there are some very reasonably priced bikes today in that medium.

3.     When you have narrowed your choices, go for a test ride on as many of them as possible! This is critical. Subtle differences in fit and frame design make some models more or less appealing to each individual. Make a list of specific features you are interested in and questions you want to have answered. If you notice some discomfort with the bike during the test ride, ask if there adjustments that can be made, which will make your ride more enjoyable. Sometimes a seemingly small change can make all the difference. The road rides I do most often, the carbon fiber frame (available in a 49 cm), wider tires (700 x 32), and disc brakes (more on those in a future blog post) led me to the Diverge.

4.     When you take possession of your new bike, spend some time letting Mike give you a “quick fit” to make sure everything is adjusted properly for you. You want your first ride to be awesome and a bike that is tuned to you specifically is more likely to let that be possible. After you’ve ridden the bike for a few weeks, take time to re-evaluate your fit for seat height and handlebar reach. Getting the right adjustment in these two places will take care of most of your “comfort” issues, but be sure to discuss other issues you might be having if these changes don’t fix your problem.

As we get further and further into spring, you will want to be outside on a bicycle. Stop in at Gear Up and discover the new bike options that are available to you this year! Even if you aren’t in the market for a new bike this season, let Gear Up get your bike ready for your spring rides.

Enjoy your ride!

Carole Terry, Gear Up Ambassador

Dennis Gibbs


Specialized Stix Sport Light Review

I’ve always used a flashing taillight when riding but never a flashing forward facing light.  I must say I felt a bit more secure knowing that I’m a little more visible to oncoming traffic.

 The Specialized Sport Stix lights boast up to 70 lumens for the front light and 14 lumens for the rear.  They attached easily to the handle bars with a rubber strap and handy to turn on or off.  Changing the settings is a breeze and there are 7 different variations or patterns.  The rear red flasher was also easy to install, even on my aerodynamic seat post.  They both charge by removing the rubber cover to expose the USB adapter.

The MSRP is $55 and is well worth the peace of mind that you will be seen before it's too late.  I know I'll never ride again without them.  Pretty simple and very direct in operation.  A must for anyone that is riding in today’s traffic.  Remember to keep yourself safe.  Never assume that they see you!

Brad DuBois

Gear Up Ambassador

Gear Up Cyclery & Adventure Selects Brand Ambassadors

Dennis Gibbs

Gear Up Cyclery & Adventure Selects Brand Ambassadors

Gear Up Cyclery/Adventure announced that 3 local individuals were selected as the inaugural class of a newly created Ambassador Program. The initiative is expected to engage the community, especially cycling and outdoor novices, in regular outdoor recreation experiences and trends.

Gear Up is moving the bar higher by setting its self apart from other bicycle and outdoor retailers. In keeping its dedication to cycling and outdoor adventure’s, the company announces a team of individuals who will serve as brand ambassadors, chosen for their passion for cycling and the healthy lifestyle it provides.

It’s not uncommon for bicycle or outdoor equipment/apparel manufactures to have ambassadors for testing and providing design input on new products before they go to market. Gear Up has chosen to use ambassadors to insure that we continue to bring the best products into the store for our customers. “We’ve found that today’s customer expects us to have done due diligence on what products are in trend, reliable, high quality and environmental friendly. That’s a big undertaking for any business large or small”, says Dennis Gibbs, Gear Up.

Ambassador, Carole Terry, is not a stranger to the cycling community as she serves on both the Bicycle Indiana and Central Indiana Bicycle Association (CIBA) boards. Carole’s influence can be seen all over the state when it comes to cycling advocacy and development.  When she isn’t riding or talking about bikes, you will find her doing competitive intelligence research for Eli Lilly, teaching chemistry at IUPUI, playing with family and friends or volunteering as a CASA for Child Advocates

Ambassador, Brad DuDois, is not a stranger to promoting small business, the town of Plainfield or Hendricks County as the Executive Director for Plainfield Chamber of Commerce. And he’s no stranger the healthy lifestyle cycling provides. A couple of evenings a week Brad can be found leading spinning classes at the Plainfield Recreation and AquaticCenter.  

Ambassador, Ben Bullard, has been connected to Gear Up since the beginning as one of the original reviewers of the business plan prior to opening. Ben’s not only a passionate cyclist, but enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors with his family. When not on his bike, or on a family adventure, Ben can be found at Kingsway Christian Church handling operations, communications and technology needs.

The three Hendricks County individuals chosen exemplify Gear Up’s spirit and will participate in programs to provide feedback on products, customer education, industry trends, promoting the cycling lifestyle, and communications through Gear Up’s social media and more.

“We’ve chose to work with these individuals because of their dedication to Gear Up and their obvious passion for cycling,” said Daniel Gibbs, Owner of Gear Up Cycling /Adventure.  We’re looking forward to learning a lot from this team through their adventures and hands-on participation.”

Five Years For Gear Up Cyclery

Dennis Gibbs



November 10, 2015

Local Small Business Sees Growth And A Positive Future.

Gear Up Cyclery’s five year anniversary mark means growth for this small business.  The owners, Dennis, Janet, and son, Daniel Gibbs are expanding with “Outdoor Specialty, Adventure and Lifestyle” products. It has begun the expansion into the outdoor adventure/lifestyle category with well-known suppliers including Toad & Co, Kuhl, Marmot, Outdoor Research, Merrell, Osprey and Hydro Flask.  Dennis Gibbs commented, “There is a little bit of outdoors in all of us, and our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable for anyone to get out there and enjoy it.”

“Big Box retailers simply aren’t providing the attention customers are asking for when it comes to making educated decisions on which products would best fit their needs,” Daniel Gibbs added.  Customers and the community at large will be impressed with the genuinely caring staff at Gear Up that are truly engaged in the interest of their customer’s need in making outdoor/adventure decisions.

Five years is a landmark for any small business – especially one started in the depths of a recession.  From humble beginnings at the corner of Center Street and U.S. 40 in Plainfield, Gear Up Cyclery has grown to become an established bike shop and recognized by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) as one of the America’s Best Bike Shops in 2014 and 2015.

What started as a dream for Janet and Dennis Gibbs has turned into a major anchor for downtown Plainfield and Hendricks County.  Gear Up Cyclery opened its doors 5 years ago on January 10, 2011. “We wanted to create a bike shop that promoted the healthy lifestyle associated with cycling and would welcome any rider no matter what skill level,” said Janet Gibbs, “We have customers tell us all the time how intimidated they feel walking into some bike shops, but you guys are so friendly and welcoming.”  Since opening its doors, Gear Up has focused on the most important thing: Treating people with respect and welcoming everyone.

“We thank our customers for their loyalty, and our employees for making this a successful business these last 5 years. With the success of the past and the positive trends now, there is promise of a great future,” insisted Dennis.  Daniel Gibbs joined the family business in 2012 and became a valuable asset in a short time. “We are all excited about what the future holds for Gear Up in the next 5 years,” says Dennis.

Hendricks County and Indiana State Parks are a great resource for the surrounding communities. They provide trails for biking, hiking and running and space to enjoy our natural environment.  There are lakes and surrounding wild life areas for fishing, bird watching, and camping.  All these areas provide the community with activities to promote healthy lifestyle choices through connecting with nature and enjoying the outdoors. 

“We are thrilled to be able to give back to our community through the expansion of Gear Up with the “Outdoor Specialty, Adventure and Lifestyle” products.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve both existing and new customers with their outdoor/adventure needs,” Janet added.